5 Free Online Games for Kids to Play without Downloading Anything

Most of the online games need downloading content to play them, but some of them can work fine without downloading anything. Thus they save the internet and extra space on your disk. Kids need interesting games for learning and amusement at their own comfort. Games that provide all the interests to the users without constantly downloading their contents save time additionally on their devices.

These games motivate the children in their own way and facilitate colorful content and characters too that provide the sense of all the curiosity and the satisfaction of their minds. They help the children or kids engaged in their interesting games.

Here, we are going to provide some of the interesting games that don’t need to download their content. Pursue them to know how they work and what about they are talking:

1- Aqua Friends

This game revolves around various octopi who are worried about the separation of their friends or partners. You will work in work as an additional character, and your main task is to reunite them with each other by linking their tentacles between them. These tentacles may be either on their heads or somewhere in their body parts. You have to ensure that each tentacle should be managed to link, and if any of them missed by mistakenly, then you won’t go to the next step.

Then, once you have paired their tentacles to the other partner of a friend of their respective octopi, then you have to set up to the available starts at the bed of the ocean.

2- Apple and Onion Messing Around

The game is based on the various characters managing to keep their house clean and tidy as their house is situated inside the mess. In the house, there were lots of things scattered all around the house.  You have to help the characters to set up all the things in a manageable way. The most interesting thing about the game is the existence of a cute little cat who will guide you to manage all the things. At the first look, the game might seem very easy, but in the real sense, it is too tough as it needs extra care and attention to make the house clean by properly arranging all the things.

Kids who are playing the game can fetch more information by visiting the site of Cartoon Network.

3- Princess Goldblade and the Dangerous Water

The game focuses on the empowerment of women as you have to help the Princess to find the treasure of Trinks stolen by the monsters by fighting them. This game is specially made for the girl child and she lives in a beautiful island where various Trinks lives. You are a main character, and you have to help the Princess in her mission. If you wish to finish the game and find your game, you have to help her a lot.

4- Make the Cake

It’s the game that is related to the birthday of a pig and his friends planned to make a beautiful cake. You have to help them in selecting the most suitable item for the cake. You can use various flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and butterscotch.  After arranging these things, you have to select the appropriate topping for your cake. There are a lot of topping flavors available such as blueberries, strawberries, and lychees. After these toppings, you have to cut the cake into various pieces.

Then, use the candles to light them up, and one can use extra toppings on their cake sections.

Enjoy the party as you can, and you may also visit the website of the game to know more.

5- Alphabetter

Leaning through digital mode seems very easy, and if you have kids at the age of learning alphabets, you can use the game “Alphabetter.” This game helps them to recognize a particular alphabet with their respective signs and images. This game engages the user through colorful modes and pictures. These colorful pictures and images can be fetched and accessed on any device, be it your smartphone, PC, or video game console.

In this game, kids have to select the respective alphabet associated with the particular image, and thus they will able to recognize the associated picture and further alphabet. Once they have selected the right alphabet for an image, then they will be prompted to the next level of alphabets.


Source :- https://instoffice.com/blog/5-free-online-games-for-kids-to-play-without-downloading-anything/

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