Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera: Everything to Know About It

Here is an honest review of Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera

Samsung entered the year with a bang as their brand new S20 phones are here. Just like always, they start their year with S series mobile phones while releasing the Note towards the end. The new S20 series devices are packed with extraordinary cameras and new AI features.

February 11, 2020, was the day when Samsung announced their three new devices of S20 series, and all of them are going to rule the market with their high specs. The company also claimed that the whole “Unpacked Event” recorded with S20 mobile device. If cameras of S20 are that much great, then we should just check out what’s new in these cameras and other features.

Check Out Megapixels and 8K

It’s indeed true that in Samsung Galaxy S20 Lineup, the company truly managed to provide high-resolution cameras. Among the three devices of Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup S20 and S20+, both have 12MP wide and Ultra-Wide lenses. Alongside this, there is a 64MP of telephoto lens camera and also 10MP of Selfie camera available.

Apart from both the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+, there is also Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is one step higher. It has the same 4 cameras in it, but the special thing in Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra is that it is upgraded from 12MP to 108MP lens. Memory is an issue for numerous users in the world, and that is why the company claims that they have added a sensor of 12MP mode camera to save the memory of the device.

Bigger cameras take bigger-resolution photos every time, and this statement believes by everyone because it’s true. But bigger means how much bigger? Samsung Galaxy S20 series phones can record 8K videos, and also they all are 5G enabled as well. It means you can easily shoot the video and also can upload it on YouTube with your mobile connection. From a faster internet connection, you can easily upload any size of the video in less time. Next to this, the company also has said that you can watch your recorded 8K video on your Samsung QLED TVs too. Well, if this is possible, then it’s a good thing with the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Lineup devices that have WQHD+ (4K) display.

Bigger and Better Zoom Compatibility

Space Zoom is the new revolutionary technology that Samsung came up with. From merging two technologies, “AI-Powered Digital Zoom” and “Old-fashioned Optical Zoom” to provide the best zooming experience without losing the pixels in the photo or video quality.

Both Galaxy S20 and S20+ can provide zooming of 30X and another, S20 Ultra allows user to do 100X zoom. Where S10 was only able to zoom only 10X, which is an enormous upgrade in new models. It will revolutionize the way of photography and recording videos, and in the sports event, it can be so much useful. People never preferred Digital Zoom in the first place, and now this new technology will overtake the previous one easily.

Advanced Action Camera Stabilization and New Single Take Mode

Camera stabilization is one of the most important things in high specs mobile devices, and the feature is truly advanced in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. With the help of 8K camera and ultimate 100K zooming, it is important to have high stability in the camera. With the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series, the videos and photos will look like taken from an action camera.

If you are on hiking and travelling through a bumpy road track, then the AI technology will help you to take the best video from its stabilization feature. You can make the video even if you are skating, biking, hiking, or any other activity that can’t keep a camera stable that will be possible with the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

The new AI technology is not just available for videography, but you can also use it for photography as well. A new Single Take Mode available on the phone and it takes 10 seconds from the rear camera to capture the photos. After the 10 seconds, it automatically provides ultra-wide photos, boomerang, and also small clips. Single take shot is a great feature because after using it, you don’t have to find the best photo or video because it takes several kinds of content that you will definitely love.

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 series devices are incredible in the camera section, and they are really updated with some great new features. With high Megapixel camera sensors and advanced AI image stabilization, single take and digital zoom new devices are best for those who use to take photos and videos a lot.

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