Slack has launched a new app that is built, especially for the iPhone. The app is linked with the iPhone for a long time, and Slack has redesigned it to overcome the flaws in it. The new app has a whole new navigation panel alongside various new features that have been included. Last week, Slack launched the new version of its app for Android, and the app works well on it.

The spokesperson of Slack, while proclaiming about the app, stated that they had resolved all the issues through a new navigation panel. Earlier, the users have stated about the issue that they face while using the app. Thus, now the Slack app for Android is working quite too well; however, in iPhones, it is still a mess. The users who have updated the subsequent app in iOS are unable to get the new version. While being interviewed by various news providers, Slack said that the app for iOS would soon get the latest version of their app due to some flaw, it is unable to get the update.

The first one is the compose button, which is floating over the app’s screen. Alongside this, another tab has been added to change the channel known as the Home button. However, most of the features of the app hasn’t changed, so you need to get back to your four months old memory and recall the method to order the channel in the subsequent app. While you go to the right pane of the app, you will see the preferences and workspace icons, whereas if you move towards the left pane, then you will see all the records of your last conversations. The most prominent aspect of the following news is that Slack’s new app version is not available for the iPad. Thus, the iPad users need to wait till Slack included the new version of their app for them too.

While the app has been redesign, various users also stated that it is quite similar to its predecessor. There are several things persisted in the app on which Slack should have worked on whereas some of the users are quite happy with the changes that Slack has done into the app. The app for the iPhone is about to be changed in the initial week of June but, Slack has managed to release it earlier. However, the early launch of the app didn’t benefit the users as it is not working yet on the iPhone. Let us wait and see when will the subsequent issue get a fix by the Slack.

Source :- https://qnorton.com/slacks-new-iphone-app-hit-the-app-store-ahead-of-the-official-launch/

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