Oppo’s New Smartwatch Looks Awfully Similar to The Apple Watch

“The Apple Watch Rival By Oppo Looks Identical”


Oppo has unveiled the first look of its most awaited smartwatch and it will be named Oppo Watch. The new smartwatch introduced by Oppo is just looking similar to Apple Watch and the viewers will get more information about the watch in the Oppo FindX2 which is the launch event of the company and will be held on March 6. The company declared about the launching event of Oppo mobile on in a  tweet posted on Twitter. Meanwhile, a lot of speculations has been started cropping up regarding the newly introduced Smartwatch of Oppo. However, the people and the industry experts are still unknown about the features and the price of the newly introduced Smartwatch but there are many things about which the viewers are speculating about after going through the first image of the watch.

After getting the first look at the watch, it seems that the newly introduced watch can be used for making and receiving calls. If the viewers will look at the right side of the watch then they will find an option there to send a message to the person who is calling if the user is not able to respond to the call right now. Even though the body of the newly introduced Smartwatch of Oppo is looking just similar to Apple watch but the watches are slightly different in many things. If the points of differences will be taken into account, then it seems that unlike the Digital Crown of Apple watch there is no knob in the Oppo watch and instead of that the company has introduced a larger and second button just similar to the devices of Wear OS.

The band introduced in the Oppo watch is, however, a little different from that the users get in the Apple watch, but the Oppo has provided an enticing blue color on the left of the watch. Amidst all, the company and its spokesman is quite forthright regarding unveiling the design and other details of the upcoming product. For example, the company executive of Oppo Brain Shen has recently revealed that the upcoming product may be launched with features such as 3D glass and curved screen.

Another image of the upcoming watch has also been shared by the company executive Shen on Weibo on the 30th of January. In the newly shared images, it appears that the watch has a microphone along an alluring and interesting green line which is visible at the bottom of the button. The watch is looking much pretty and looking better at the top second button and the viewers could see more images of the watch which was shared on Weibo and appears to be leaked one. Meanwhile, the launch of the event will take place on 6th March and so the viewers would not have to wait too long for getting the final glimpses of the upcoming product. It is only the event launch party where the viewers could get the complete idea regarding the prices and the other features of the Oppo Smartwatch. However, the viewers are much eager and the industry experts are also willing to know what are the new innovations will be made by the company.

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