Rise of the Tomb Rider: How to Get More XP Easily

Rise of the Tomb Rider is a sequel part of 2013’s reboot edition of franchise Tomb Rider. Lara has grown herself into something tough where having higher XP is essential. In the game Rise of the Tomb Rider, Lara began her journey from the ship’s endurance. While finding the epic lost kingdom of the Yamatai with new teammates, some seaworthy craft moves to the coast of Japan from the Dragon Circle. Lara and her crew find themselves on a mysterious island after the shipwreck through the powerful storm. Now she has to work through her intelligence and instincts to keep her crew and herself safe to get home from this unknown island.

In Rising of the Tomb Rider, Lara is way tougher, and she has a compass that helps her to into the unknown areas. She discovers several things throughout the game, but the most important thing that will keep players moving forward is XP. Having XP is necessary, and Lara needs to find it as much as possible to accomplish everything.

Basic Ways to Earn XP in Rise of the Tomb Rider

While playing the game and completing the storyline, Lara will keep earning XP. There are several things in the game where Lara can easily earn XP while playing the basic storyline without searching anywhere. Having a higher number of earning will provide skill points, and skill points can be used in three different ways. One is on new abilities, second is on mixed bonuses, and the last one is to unlock new types of attacks. Best and easiest way to earn XP is to play campaign tasks, tough enemies killing, getting out the bad guys, finishing the side missions, and hunting animals. If Lara kills any enemy through headshot, she earns a bonus XP and also if she kills any enemy without getting detected. In the path of moving Lara will see some artifacts if she takes a closer look on them, she can get bonus XP from that too.

Gain Bonus XP through Skills in Rise of the Tomb Rider

With the help of skill points, Lara can probably unlock 60 unique skills in the game. For earning XP faster, unlocking Skills is also a major thing. It will enhance the chances of survival, and the abilities from the skill tree will unlock too. There are some following skills that Lara can gain to earn bonus XP.

Finesse – This skill obtain from the “Hunter Skill Tree” that reward bonus XP when Lara gives death to the enemy from above, from headshots, and stealth kills together. If Lara successfully pulls the chains of killing in these particular ways, then she will earn bonus XP quickly.

Duelist Reflexes – Duelist Reflexes skill obtain from “Brawler Skill Tree” that reward bonus XP if Lara kills an enemy from dodge counter-attack to kill. It will also expand the time for executing the enemy from the dodge counter.

Avid Learner – This is located in “Survivor Skill Tree” that provide bonus XP through challenges, documents, relics, and survival caches.

Resourceful Combatant – This one is also from “Survivor Skill Tree” that helps Lara to earn bonus XP from defeating enemies with the crafted items, whether knocking them or killing.

From these processes and skill base procedures, players can easily earn XP through a basic way and bonus way as well. Lara has lived her life in a way more dangerous places in the previous edition of the game, and this version of the game also has a lot of amazing locations and skills to explore. Her adventure and discovery in the game is a long way to go, and fans love this thing about this game. With battle and adventure, Rise of the Tomb Rider is one of the best games in its category.


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