What is Plunder in Call of Duty: Warzone

A free to play version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out in the market. It is known as Call of Duty: Warzone and is mainly focused on battle royale mode. Instead of battle royale mode, there is a specific mode available in Warzone known as Plunder. In the subsequent blog, we will discuss all the available information about this special mode of Warzone.

About Plunder

As we discussed above that Plunder is a specific mode of Call of Duty: Warzone. The mode grants 102 players to jump along into the arena. The players are later divided into squads, and each squad contains 34 players. The mode definitely provides the essence of battle royale alongside it grants them to earn 1million$ in Cash and have infinite lives.

Gamers can easily fetch the cash through the accomplishment of contracts or plunder it from the players who died. Alongside, Cash can also be grabbed through drops as well. The gamers need to worry about only one thing, and that is to be aware of the locations of the items and cash drops. They can easily locate the drop locations through the Tac map, whereas the contract lies in the Supply Boxes.


Plunder mode offers Contract aspects in three specific types, such as ScavengerRecon, and Bounty. Gamers can only activate one Contract at one time. All of the contracts contain specific and distinctive quest such as:

  1. Bounty Contract:  The contract requires the players to locate and kill the foe. Players can easily accomplish this mission through the Tac map by navigating the location of their enemy using it.
  2. Scavenger Contract: The contract will take the players to three boxes, and each of them is filled with a plethora of loot. The contract is one of the best ones in reference to the context of the game and player.
  3. Recon Contract:  The subsequent contract demands from the player’s team to protect the station of communication while the player is uploading the data. However, the mission is apparent to be difficult, but gamers can accomplish it after one or two tries.

Keep and Collect Cash

After accomplishing all the contracts, the gamers would definitely obtain lots of money. Then, they must be willing to gather all of this money. The mode offers two ways to collect your looted money and keep it at a safe place. The first option is to buy a balloon; the players need to keep all of their Cash in the Balloon and head to a safe place that can be located through the Tac map. However, the option has some cons, two including players, can only deposit 150,000$ in the Balloon, and the major flaw is that Balloon comes expensive. So, the players who are ready to invest their money in purchasing Balloon in order to collect their money can buy it through a Buy Station.

The second option is to visit the helipad location through the Tac map and then calls for a helicopter. Once the helicopter arrives, the players require to sit in it and go through it to the safe locations to keep their Cash. The safe locations can be easily navigated through the Tac map and are being marked by the symbol of the Piggy bank. However, there is one flaw in it; the enemies will going to target you when they see a chopper and definitely going to target you to plunder your loot.


The article here is to provide the information on the Plunder mode of Call of duty: Warzone. In the subsequent blog, we have only discussed possible and authentic ways in reference to the terms and conditions of the game. It is advisable not to use any gimmicks in Plunder mode as it would definitely lead you to the suspension of your game for online play.

The players who are trying to seek gaming experience of Call of Duty: Warzone can play it on PS4Xbox One, and PC.

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