Former Tesla Employees Stole Documents for Self-Driving Startup Zoox

Zoox, the famous self-driving startup, has self-proclaimed that its four employees have taken documents from their former employer Tesla. They have issued the subsequent statement after a lawsuit being filed against them by the company.

In the court proceeding, Zoox admitted that several former employees of Tesla that have been hired by them had taken the documents of Tesla. The documents conceal the secrets of Tesla’s shipping, warehouse steps, and receiving of business. Zoox proclaimed about all this in an interview with Reuters. Alongside this, they have added that they are going to pay a secret debt to Tesla regarding their mistake and will fire all four employees who are involved in this conflict.

Zoox, in its interview, also said that it is a shameful act, and they are regretting the action of subsequent employees. In reference to future concerns, they also added that they are going to conduct training to aware of all of their employees about confidential responsibilities. Zoox was started in 2014 with a motive of building a self-driven car. In a short period of time, Zoox attained international praise for their much-advanced maneuverable features in their cars.

The company grossed more than 500 million$ in minimal time, and later the numbers jump to 3 Billion$. However, it is not the first time that Zoox has been indulged in the controversy. Back in 2018, there was a huge controversial act done by it that leads to the firing of its co-founder and former CEO, Tim Kentley-Klay.

The liability accusation was filed against Zoox and its employees in March 2019. One of the famous automakers of Silicon Valley certain that these employees have brought secrets and information about Tesla to Zoox. It is the major factor behind the rapid growth of Zoox in the self-driven car business. However, Zoox has dropped all the accusations, and they stated in reference to the context that they are unaware of the intention of the employees. They get to know about them after the lawsuit has been filed against them.

Whereas Tesla also proclaimed that Zoox knows everything about employees’ intention, and this all is a mutual consent crime. Tesla also added that the employees have also stolen the confidential information of their company’s WARP system. The former manager of Tesla. Mr. Scott Turner is the main target of Tesla out of four employees. Tesla proclaimed that Mr. Turner had sent an email regarding drawings and physical layouts of the warehouses of Tesla. The subject of the subsequent mail was you sly dog you as said by the Tesla in a press conference.

Besides, Tesla also presumed that Mr. Turner has also shared the information about the salary structure of the other three employees who are working on the subsequent project. Thus, Zoox offered the rest of three more salaries in comparison to Tesla. When asked by an interviewer, Tesla told that they get to know about the theft when one of the accused employees, Mr. Sydney Cooper, self-proclaimed about sending of documents to Tuner. Their doubt turned into certainty when Craig Emigh, another accused employee, sent the email address to Tesla’s employee email address of Cooper.

Although, the court proceeding is going on but stops for some time due to amid outbreak. Let us wait to see what happens next in the subsequent conflict.

Source :- http://www.apsense.com/article/former-tesla-employees-stole-documents-for-selfdriving-startup-zoox.html

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