How to Fix Apex Legends Infinite Loading Screen Error

Are you among the ones facing the issue of stuck Apex Legends continuous loading display? Is it annoying you a lot? For fixing such an issue, you need to go through this blog as a solution to it has been mentioned over here. Have a look at this blog carefully.

Removing the DNS

1.Firstly, the player needs to close this game fully.
2.Then, put the combination of the Windows button+ R button altogether for launching the Run bar.
3.After that, write cmd.
4.Next, put the combination of Control+Shift+Enter altogether for running the Administrator.
5.Then, write ipconfig /flushdns.
Note: There is a gap after the letter 'g.'
6.Next, tap on the Enter key.
7.Lastly, start the game one more time.

Creating a second account

1.Firstly, close Apex Legends fully.
2.Then, visit the Steam for making an account.
3.As you used to connect the account to Steam, so visit the history of yours and search the browser link, which you used to connect your EA as well as Stream account.
4.Next, you need to copy-paste into the browser.
5.After that, log-in through the STEAM option.
6.Next, press on 'Not you?'
7.Then, sign-in to the newly made account of yours.
8.Next, ensure that you have saved this URL address because you might require that one more time for linking Apex Legends into the primary Steam account of yours.
9.Then, return to the starting.
10.Next, press the 'Play' for running Apex Legends.
For additional knowledge: Updating the drivers of yours

Manually downloading

1.Firstly, you need to download drivers. It will be situated on the maker site that is official.
2.Then, look for the model that you have got.
3.After that, search the right driver, which is perfect for the particular operating system of yours.
4.Lastly, you need to download the driver manually.

Automatically updating drivers

You can take the help of 'Driver Easy.'
1.Firstly, you need to download as well as Driver Easy.
2.Then, you need to run Driver Easy.
3.Next, press the Scan Now option.
4.Note that after this, Driver Easy shall start scanning the device of yours.
5.After that, it will start searching for the faulted drivers.
6.Next, tap the Update option placed after the flagged driver for by itself downloading the right kind of the driver.
7.Then, you shall be able to install that manually. It can be done by the free version.
8.Otherwise, press on Update All for automatically downloading as well as installing the right version of each of the drivers which are lost or have been expired on the device of yours.

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