How to Quickly Get Gil in Fast Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy 15 is a popular RPG that released way back in 2016 by Square Enix. However, the game tends to remain trending due to its frequently arrived updates and version. The latest one is a Game Pass that has arrived in Post February for Xbox. In spite of being the fact that it has been a month since Xbox Game Pass has arrived, but still several of its aspects have become a concealing mystery for the gamers.

There are weekly quests that arrive in the Game Pass, and thus gamers require accomplishing all of them as there are several rewards that are linked to its accomplishment. Although obtaining victory in these quests is not a hard job to do, but several quests are so deadly that even veteran gamers beckon in front of them. One of the events that have been becoming an intricate subject amongst players is to acquire 2,000 Gil in Final Fantasy 15.

 Those who are not aware of Gil; it is a currency of Final Fantasy 15 that grants players to purchase different things from the store. We have manifested below the information that will be going to favor you in learning smooth and instant ways in obtaining Gil in Final Fantasy 15.

Get Gil in Final Fantasy 15

There are several ways to obtain Gil in Final Fantasy 15, but it is suggested that not going to implement any unsafe ways. We have provided a safe and possible way that can be executed with ease. Make sure that you read them carefully to avoid any mistakes.

 It is also recommended to acquire as much Gil as you can because it will benefit you for the rest of your game. However, the quest will be completed once gamers attain more than 2,000 Gil.

1. Get Gil by Hunts

The best resort to obtaining Gil in Final Fantasy 15 is through Hunts as it grants gamers a plethora of Gil as rewards. Hunts rewards have no limit because several veteran players have also stated that they have attained millions of Gil through it. Alongside the major attribute of Hunts is that attaining victory in them is simple, and 2,000 Gil will be obtained easily in multiple quests.

 Although playing the game in your own way is the best thing to do, but we are suggesting you accomplish high-level Hunts because it will grants you Gil in millions. The higher level Hunts grants gamers with extra XPAP alongside Gil, so players should try at least one quest of it.

2. Get Gil Through Selling of Treasures

Several gamers love to explore the world of Final Fantasy 15, and during their journey, they usually encountered various items. However, these items are pretty essential for the sake of the game. Whereas there is a bit of item that gamers can sell out in exchange for Gil, so players need to pick up everything they encountered or see in the game.

Once they think that they have collected enough items from selling out, and then they need to pawn it to any merchants. The merchants will pay off justified Gil that is totally relying on the value of the item. Gamers also need to be aware as the monsters of the game also drop various items that can quickly be sold out for a good sum of Gil.

3. Get Gil by Side Mission

The subsequent resort has pretty resembled Hunts; they also attain the players EXP and Gil as a reward. The Gil amount varies from the quest, and players can quickly look upon the reward of accomplishing the quest. The average sum of Gil and EXP is 50,000 Gil and EXP, but the quests are seemed out to be more difficult than Hunts.

The gamers can easily accomplish these quests if they have practiced a lot during their earlier battles. So, it is always recommended for the players to gain as much experience as you can while playing Final Fantasy 15 because your experience will help you to go ahead. Similarly, the quests are a bit hard, but players need to accomplish only one quest to complete the Gil mission as well as 50,000 EXP, and Gil is enough to buy several essential items in the game.

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