Division 2: Quickly Level Up Faster Your SHD Watch

SHD Watch in Division 2 is an important technology that players require to enhance the skills of their agents. Enemies in Division 2 have gotten faster, and that is why agents you are playing with need to be strong as well. To make the agents stronger and faster, the SHD Watch provides multiple upgrades that need to fill. SHD Watch is the latest technology that offers to agents after they complete storyline missions through Aaron Keener after reaching level 40. In the Watch, several sections are given that agents can upgrade as per their preference.

To access the Watch, just go to the menu screen and on the bottom right corner of the skills icon. In the Watch section, there are four split columns that related to agent’s Skill Power, Armor and Headshot damage, and few more. To improve the experience, the earned points can be used to increase the level of the Watch. It takes excessive time to reach higher, but players are more focusing on improving it rapidly, and for that, here is the guidance.

Quick XP Procedure

Generally, if you complete the missions, then you can earn XP, but for getting XP faster, you need to go to several areas of shooting ranges across the game map. In the shooting range, you need to complete at least two levels out of a total of four levels. Completing the two-level shooting range will supply you a massive amount of XP that will help you to jump on higher levels by doing some extra activity. Before doing it, you need to change the difficulty to Heroic because that is how you will be able to earn a massive amount of XP.

Apart from the shooting method, you can also try farming the landmark to get the XP. Just go to the dark zone and do farming on the landmark. With a kind and supportive team, earning XP and leveling up can be possible faster even though it’s a part of some additional risk.

Alternative XP Boosting Procedure in Division 2

In Division 2, Projects have changed lots of things in the game. Previously projects were so boring and repetitive that does not provide much loot. But now new projects are offering a large number of XP for finishing them, and there is a wide number of projects available to complete with great XP points. Completing the projective with its objects and missions offers bonus XP to earn. To earn a massive amount of XP, Control Points are also in the line that will offer vast numbers of XP respective which world tier is triggered. With earned XP, level 4 of control points can be reached, but if not playing with friends, then be ready to decrease the difficulty because XP points are not that easy to earn.

Directives in Division 2

In order to get some extra XP to level up the SHD Watchpoints, Directives are one of the best ways. Directives first showed up in Division 1. These are now the best way to get some extra XP when adding Directive. Each Directive will increase the difficulty of the game. However, you can add a Directive to earn XP at the lower level, and it will work as well. Just like in shooting range greater difficulty require, the number of XP can be received by low tier directives. The tier of Directive can be changed, and if they feel compatible on a higher level, then just add more with higher tier to earn more.

XP is an essential part of the game because, it is the only thing that will save you from getting dead. Your SHD Watch is what you need to upgrade and enhance it to a higher level. Your lower level of the agent can cause you from advanced levels of enemies. Some Enemies are fierce in the beginning to become insane at the upper level. To avoid any kinds of tough situations, be sure to level up the significant attribute from your Watch. Dark zone and shooting range are the two vital area and mode that can help you gain XP faster than ever. All you have to do is play on the greater difficulty, even if you are not a pro. Player, you can still play on the lower level, and when you understand correctly, change your difficulty.

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