Microsoft is Ready for a New Era of Windows

Microsoft recently reorganized the team of Windows and its devices by introducing Panos Panay for the charge of both Microsoft hardware and Windows. Although these are the early days for Panay, we are beginning to get a glimpse of how situations may switch with the Windows OS.

In the first 30 days of the Panay, he had spent a lot of time in learning, observing, listening, and working hard with the Microsoft team to make a visualization for the next era of Windows. He wonders while working closely with the Insiders team and the depth of knowledge and level of dedication they possess. Panay recently posted a new blog post in which he explained his experience of working with the Microsoft extraordinary tech geniuses.

He stated that in order to get the Windows innovations going and carry on to grow, they would need an intelligent, responsible and powerful person to show the way to this exceptionally skilled team to the new level. Thereafter, he officially announced Amanda Langowski as the new head for Windows Insider Program.  

The new leader of Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program Langowski is one of the old hands of the company that posses over 20 years of experience. The projects he had worked on before are Windows beta programs, flighting team, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, and more. Overall he deserves such a position in the company, and now he will surely make innovations in future projects.

He will soon lead to testing of Windows 10 and then an essential feedback loop of the software. Dona Sarkar initially led this project for the past several years. Sarkar is now leading a new project in the company called Microsoft Developer Relations and is presently serving in the company. However, the former chief of the Insider program, Gabe Aul, left the company last year, and then he continued his career in Facebook’s virtual and augmented reality program as the role of engineer.

As we told you before, Panay intends to make a new era of Windows, and he is presently making a visualization to take the Windows OS to the next level. The project has attempted several methods to tempt developers to Windows over the previous five years, but some attempts were not effective enough. Even the regularity of Windows 10 updates has sometimes been a bit slower during the last 12 months that left testers as well as Windows users doubting for what’s happening.

Now Panay has decided to make certain changes into the operating system, and he will also focus on the desktop versions of Windows 10. He will surely add some of his own styling in the operating system, but he cleared that he is going to make the OS simplified and quick. The Windows 10 OS has clearly improved since its past 5 years of constant development and updates.

However, people are now in quest of a fresh look and feel for the Windows operating system, and it seems minor changes are not enough for them to keep it using. According to the Windows 1 billion users teaser video, it is now apparent the team is planning to make the operating system’s UI more simplified. The Start menu is also going to change significantly, as we saw in the teaser video of the Windows 1 billion user celebration. Let’s see how the next operating system updates going to look and work like.

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