Apple Blocks Clearview AI Facial Recognition on iPhone

According to BuzzFeed NewsApple has disabled the app of ClearView artificial intelligence facial recognition due to the controversies copped up regarding the app. Apple took this decision after it found that the app is violating the developed agreement and so suspended it. Amidst all, the move taken by the company is a big blow to the facial recognition that starts up. The app has faced several challenges and lawsuits from privacy advocates. In an analysis of a clear view artificial app, BuzzFeed found that the company is violating the rules of iPhone makers while distributing its apps to customers and law enforcement agencies.

ClearView has claimed that the iOS application developed by it has worked with thousands of organizations and institutions and has amassed a database of billions of photos but the application has been disabled by Apple. It was found that the NewYork based company has violated the rules of iPhone makers around the app distribution. BuzzFeed News has stated that facial recognition application of ClearView has been used by more than 2,200 private and public organizations which also includes the NBA, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the FBI has sidestepped the Apple app store.

The sidestepping of the Apple App Store further encouraged those people who were willing to utilize the software for downloading its app through an exclusively reserved program for the developers. Further, Apple investigated the matter responding to the inquiry done by BuzzFeed and suspended the ClearView developer account preventing it from operating. Apple has also sent 14 days’ notice to ClearView to respond to the mater and said that those companies violating the rules regarding the Apple Developer Enterprise Program will be liable for revocation of their respective accounts.

Meanwhile, the spokesman of ClearView has said that the company is in contact with Apple and continuously working on complying with the terms and conditions laid by Apple. The CEO of ClearView AI Hoan Ton-That said in an interview the customers and users can not use the app without having a valid account of ClearView. However, the users can download the application but they will not be able to search for anything without having the proper credentials and authorization.

However, it is not clear that what the CEO of ClearView wanted to say in his statement and what he meant by credentials and authorization. It is noteworthy that the facial recognition application of ClearView is used by several entities and organizations which includes banks, private investigation agencies, retailers, corporate and government organizations. The application technology of ClearView can be used through both mobile apps and desktop computer software.

Amidst all these controversies, it should be taken into notice that ClearView AI is not the first company that is facing the lawsuits and allegations by violating the Apple Developer Program rules as earlier Google and FaceBook were also found violating the rules. Both Google and Facebook were restricted by Apple to use its platform by suspending their accounts. However, ClearView is busy in promoting its application but it will be interesting to see how the company resolves the matter with Apple.

Source :- https://karenmintonblogexpert.wordpress.com/2020/02/29/apple-blocks-clearview-ai-facial-recognition-on-iphone/

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