Final Fantasy 14: Online New Patch 5.2, Challenges, and Release Date

Finally, SQUARE ENIX has announced the release date of the new Final Fantasy 5.2 Patch Notes. On February 18, the new Patch Notes alongside new challenges will be released. This adventure game will provide now many new ultimate challenges that millions of players were waiting for. The title of the new Patch Note 5.2 will be “Echoes of a Fallen Star.” Apart from these new challenges, new quests, all-new raid, latest dungeons, and many more things are on the way. There aren’t so many days left for the new Path Note release, because it will be live on February 18, Tuesday.

The franchise has released a trailer, and it looks stunning as per the things have shown in the trailer. In the battle raid, savage and normal difficulty added for better competition. Players will experience many more ultimate things in Final Fantasy 14. This new update is classic, and there are many more things coming by that you should know.

Latest Scenario Quests

The celebration for Shadowbringers is still going on & the scions of the seventh down and worrier of darkness are waiting to unlock in the new quests. In the new quests, gamers might also see Crystal Exarch, and that might be the one that should be earned.

New Raid: Eden’s Verse

Unlike the first chapter of Eden raid, in the second chapter of Eden raid new challenge is much tougher. Players have two options to play which is normal and savage difficulty to keep the entertainment ongoing. The new chapter of Gaia is also released in Eden’s verse. This new raid chapter is a much-awaited thing, and now it will be live with the update.

New Trial: Cinder Drift

Now in the normal and extreme difficulty players can face the challenge of Ruby Weapon that is going to be so ultimate.

New Tribe Quest of Beast

The new quests geared will be provided by Qitari in the direction of the land classes.

Ocean Fishing

The new Fisher content is all set to allow the players to get on the ship at certain timing to get full entertainment of the sea and it will help the games to earn some experience points as well. If players able to get the fishes, then earning experience is going to be easy.

Ishgardian Restoration Update (Patch 5.21)

High level of crafting, new ranking system and several more ultimate things will be provided in the next update of Final Fantasy 14. The hand and the land feature of the game will help the players to collect those new things.

In-Adjustment Things

Updates will make things better and game more entertaining. Player vs. Player action, new crafting, new game and tweaks to the job can be adjusted in the game. It’s an in-game thing, so player will understand it perfectly, while playing Final Fantasy 14.

The developers are all set to add some great updates in Final Fantasy 14 this time. However, the details and things provided in the trailer look interesting. Some great challenges and raids will completely change the view and competition that is a great thing about Final Fantasy 14. Everything in new Patch Notes from challenges to unlocking part of Final Fantasy 14 is completely amazing.

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