Twitter Testing New Instagram Stories Like Feature “Fleets”

“Twitter’s New Instagram Stories Like Feature Now Under Testing”

Twitter recently announced its new feature “Fleets” that will allow the user to upload pictures, videos, texts for one day. It’s like the story feature of Instagram that allows the same 24hrs visibility for the post. Twitter is one of the best sources to know about the latest incidents and what’s trending around the world. They are modifying the app to stay updated with the latest features.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat all have the stories feature, and now Twitter is looking for the same feature with a different name and some different features. Twitter is a big social media platform, and if they are releasing the Fleet feature, then it must be something more significant.

Currently, the Fleet feature is in testing, and a couple of users in Brazil are checking it. It is not released everywhere, but if it works well, Twitter will not spend more time to release it. Limited people are accessing Fleet feature; however, hopefully, soon it will be available for every Twitter user.

Unlike Snapchat, Instagram, Or Facebook, Twitter’s Fleet feature is quite different because, in Fleet, you have to slide upward to see more posts of the same user instead of tapping on the screen. After you make your Twitter account and follow some people who are active on Twitter, you can watch their stories from the top of the screen. If there are some Fleet posts, it will be indicated in the blue circle. After watch Fleet, it will turn grey, which means there are no more posts are available, and you have seen all posts of the particular person.

It’s a full-screen feature that accesses by just tapping on it. What makes it different from Instagram stories is that Fleet presented in vertical sliding and Instagram stories work in a horizontal way. In Twitter Fleet, you have to scroll for more posts, and Instagram Stories works by tapping on the screen for further posts. The process of adding images, texts, and videos are quite simple.

In order to make Fleet, you have to tap on your own profile picture where the primary option is making a text post. If you prefer to write text, then just remember, you cannot write more than 280 words in your Fleet. There will be no modification in the fonts, so your every text post on Fleet will be the same style of fonts. For quick writing and immediate posting, it’s a great feature because there are not many changes available if you are writing a post.

To make Fleet feature simple and easy, there are no stickers, sketches, or writing fonts available; however, you can post GIFs, videos, and photos. You can write on the image and then post it if you are expressing something to your viewers. The clarity of posts in Fleet is much better than Instagram stories, which is a good thing. You can check how many people have seen your Fleet after you post and can get the details watching the timing of every user. Just like Instagram stories, viewers can send some emoji reactions that will be received in your DM.

Because it’s a new feature, there is a lack of some more features that users will require. Currently, it’s on testing and looking for bugs if there is any. Every stuff that you will post on Fleet will be visible for 24hrs, but it will be possible if the company releases it worldwide.

Source :- https://securenorton.com/twitter-testing-new-instagram-stories-like-feature-fleets/

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