Amazon Ring Makes Two-Factor Verification Mandatory

The Ring has made two-factor verification mandatory for the users. The Amazon-owned video doorbell system, Ring has taken this step to tighten the security and further made the two-factor authentication unavoidable for the users. Now, the users have to go through the two-factor authentication before signing in their accounts. The Ring was compelled to take this step as the several incidents came into the notice of the company when the cyber thieves took away the Rings cameras by stealing the passwords. The passwords used by the cyber thieves to log in into the individual cameras were the passwords used by the owners on some other accounts but these were once stolen.

Several incidents of unlawful logins into the cameras came to the notice of the company putting it on high alert. For example, a cyber thief signed in into a camera in Mississippi and convinced an eight-year-old girl that he was Santa and the girl should destroy the things in her bedroom to fill it with new ones. In another case that took place in Georgia, a cyber miscreant yelled at a woman when she was sleeping. In Florida, A couple got perturbed by these miscreants as they made racist remarks on them. Meanwhile, looking at these increasing incidents the company decided to introduce the two-way factor authentication system so that such incidents could be stopped shortly.

The Spokesman of Ring indicated in his statement that such incidents increases as the users often use the same password and email id to login to their multiple devices.  The use of common username and password in multiple accounts paved an easy path for the cyber thieves to steal the passwords and used it unlawfully. The spokesman also said that the users should make a practice to change their passwords frequently and also never use a common username and password for multiple accounts.

He said that the company is intended to encourage its users to practice a strong password setting and so the decision of two-factor authentication has been made mandatory. The steps are very easy to practice two-factor authentication and the users have to enter a six-digit code that will be unique for each individual along with entering a password. The users can become able to see security footage and or could gain access to the app of a neighbor only after following the two-factor authentication.

It is noteworthy that with the introduction of Rings cameras in the year 2018, Amazon has got a tremendous expansion in its retail figures due to the growing sales of the security camera and smart doorbells. However, the cameras introduced by Amazon also attract a lot of criticism from the experts of cybersecurity and advocates of privacy. The company has also said that it is working on the procedures to make modifications in the access to data of the users by the third party which will also include the pausing of most of the third-party analytics services temporarily in the apps and websites of Ring. The company has taken the incidents of taking away the cameras seriously and so doing everything to make the data and privacy of the users safe and secure.


Source :- https://globalmcafee.com/amazon-ring-makes-two-factor-verification-mandatory/

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