How to Achieve Every Trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a fantastic game from the Rockstar Games lineup who is featuring a new age of the western world. The game comprises of several adventures that are enough to intrigue anybody towards it. The major aspect of the game requires the players to attain trophies, and thus we have brought this article to feed the players about these trophies.

If you are also looking for a method to attain all the trophies in Red Dead Redemption 2, including Platinum Trophy, then you need to ensure that you read every bit of this article carefully to avoid making any sort of mistake. The game includes a total number of 52 trophies, and each one is separated among Online and Story Mode. Below is the list for both of these alongside methods to accomplish all of them.

Trophies in Online Mode

There are a total number of 17 Trophies in Online Mode, and they can only be attained through Online Multiplayer. Here are they:

  • Notorious: Gamers need to have a level of 50 – Gold.
  • Strength in Numbers: Gamers need to accomplish a mission of free roams alongside with two people- Bronze.
  • Picked To Perfection: Players need to pick at least 25 herbs – Bronze.
  • Butchered: Gamers need to Sell items to the butcher, and it requires to sell out at least 20 items – Bronze.
  • Master Craftsman: Gamers need to create at least 20 items, and make sure that crafting ammo is not eligible – Bronze.
  • Posse Up: Players have to craft a constant posse – Bronze
  • Non-Regulation: Players have to create at least 25 pieces of ammunition – Bronze.
  • Home Comforts: Players have to buy at least five items to improve Camps – Bronze.
  • All’s Fair: Players have to accomplish the mission of free roam – Bronze Successfully.
  • Getting Started: Gamers have to raise their rank to at least 10 – Bronze.
  • Horses for Courses: Gamers have to buy at least five distinctive horses – Bronze.
  • The Real Deal: Gamers have to accomplish MVP for at least three times in one game alongside a minimum of 4 people – Bronze.
  • Buckle Up: Gamers have to accomplish at least five buckles of the gold belt from awards – Bronze.
  • Eventful: Gamers have to Play at least five events of free roam – Bronze.
  • Gun For Hire: Gamers have to play at least ten missions of free roam with distinctive characters – Bronze.
  • Series Major: Gamers have to enter into any event of the series – Bronze.
  • Breakout: Gamers have to finish the intro – Bronze.
  • Trophies in Story Mode

    Here is the list for all the trophies in Story Mode:

  • Friends With Benefits: Accomplish the companion activity in one camp – Bronze.
  • Just a Scratch: Play mission of memory – Bronze.
  • To Greener Pastures: Accomplish Chapter 2 – Bronze.
  • Washed Ashore: Accomplish Chapter 4 – Bronze.
  • Third Time Lucky: Accomplish the mission of Goodbye, Dear Friend – Bronze.
  • Cowboy Builder: Accomplish the mission of A New Jerusalem – Bronze.
  • Paying Respects: Navigate all nine graves of the comrades – Bronze.
  • Back in the Mud: Accomplish Chapter 1 – Bronze.
  • Settling Feuds: Accomplish Chapter 3 – Bronze.
  • No Traitors: Accomplish Chapter 5 – Bronze.
  • Hobby Horse: Gamers need to play all the mini-games – Bronze.
  • Breaking & Entering: Gamers need to improve the stash in 4 distinctive homesteads – Bronze.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Navigate Marko Dragic ‘s fate – Bronze.
  • Take From The Rich: Earn a sum of 0 by loot or rob – Bronze.
  • Pony Up: Players need to use ,000 through shopping – Bronze.
  • Extreme Personality: Raise level to Honor level – Bronze.
  • Western Strangers: Accomplish 10 Stranger tasks – Bronze.
  • Bountiful: Gamers need to Survive for at least three days with a 0 – Bronze.
  • Self Sufficient: Create at least 30 rare items – Bronze.
  • Skin Deep: Gamers have to wear the skin of every animal – Bronze.
  • Zoologist: Gamers need to study all the animals – Bronze.
  • Best In The West: Accomplish 100% finish – Gold.
  • Endless Summer: Accomplish the epilogue – Gold.
  • Best In The West: Accomplish 100% finish – Gold.
  • Lending A Hand: Finish all missions of Story – Silver.
  • Redemption: Accomplish the Red Dead Redemption 2 – Silver.
  • Collector’s Item: Accomplish one of the collectible strands – Silver.
  • Legend Of The West: Unlock two trophies and attain 100% finish – Platinum.
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