Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Glitch Turns Players Invisible During Match

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare gamers have found a bizarre glitch that makes players invisible while playing the game. From any angle, it doesn’t like it is happening intentionally because while running in multiplayer. It could be taken as advantage or disadvantage that player is getting invisible randomly. In the glitch, the invisible player doesn’t know that they are not appearing to other players. It’s a total random glitch that can happen with any player.

This problem is highlighted by a video that is recently uploaded on Modern Warfare from the user sp77ky. While playing with the ghost in the multiplayer match at the Piccadilly map, randomly ghost skin appears from nowhere. Being invisible is an advantage for the invisible player because he can kill the opponent without letting him know your location.

How Does it Happen?

At this time, saying uncertain things will not be the right thing because no one knows why this glitch issue is happening in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. Some players are connecting the glitch with the skin of ghosts, and according to them, the glitch is happening from ghost skin. However, some players are describing it as a problem of server lag. Fans and players are looking for the glitch to happen to know the exact reason for the problem; however, for now, this glitch situation seems to like causing from ghost skin that appears from a particular distance.

Bugs and glitches are nothing new in games, but it does not happen with every player. If a particular player has a glitch in the game doesn’t mean every player will face the same issue. It’s all about file and network where bugs enter, and glitches show up. You might don’t know, but it’s not the first time when in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare invisible player glitch shows up. In January, one more glitch showed up “Dallas Empire Call of Duty League skin,” making the players invisible. On a certain distance, that glitch was making players invisible.

Without the clip, it is impossible to find out the glitch because without proof player can not verify the issue. Invisible enemies is an issue that players suffers in the game so it is important to report glitches for receiving the solution from the developers itself. In the January clip came out where the player gets killed by few rounds from the enemy and now after few months similar glitch again came up. It’s true that now the player is not wearing “Dallas Empire Call of Duty League skin,” but there is no doubt that it is the same as a previous glitch.

Considering it as a big issue, players are looking for the solution of this glitch that causing the problem. Some players take advantage of it give other players cheap death without letting them know what is really happening. It’s not easy to find glitch; neither can it be found intentionally, but now if the glitch is found, then it’s necessary to report for the solution.

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