Best Ways to Stream Videos, Movies & Shows with Friends Online

Sharing Videos and TV Shows is an exciting experience with your friends online. To perform these operations, you have to use multiple applications and syncing them with each other.  Streaming Videos on multiple sites and syncing with your device may help you to share it with your friends and colleagues. You can use various sites to extensions to view and share multiple videos running on various platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and other local video files.

Requirements and Workarounds before Selecting the Particular Site

Prior to the performance and use of your desired website, you have to check the site or applications. It helps to supports the OS on which you are working. Select the website supports video chat if you want the same to connect your friends with videos. Every website and program has its own quirks and specifications based on its performance and features.

Here you have to choose the compatible website that provides all the features that you wish, such as:

Checking Netflix and YouTube Services:  you have to check that your friend has a Netflix account if you wish to share videos with them. You can also ask to download the website extension for Netflix etc.

Using Hulu:  In case you wish to use Hulu or other streaming services on your system, then you need a few of the tools. On the other hand, if you desire to watch and share YouTube and Netflix with your friends, then you have to perform a lengthy procedure.

Checking for Video and Text Chat Features:  If you wish to make video calls with your loved ones or friends, then you have to ensure that the website you are going to run supports the feature perfectly. Most of the Video sharing sites provide text chatting features also. If you wish to connect with your friends via text messaging, then you can use these features also.

Syncing Locally Stored Files:  If you desire to sync your videos to your friends, there are a number of different sites that work for your convenience. You have to make sure that both the devices (You and your friend) have the same Video and audio files if you are using SyncPlay or Gaze websites. 

Transferring files between devices: If you desire for the process of transferring your local files between two different systems, then you can use Dropbox, UTorrent, FTP client software.  One can use “Kast” to share and view local files by streaming the Kast service on their devices.

After that, proceed with your desired application or program and see their specifications:


Netflix is a popular video streaming service that provides syncing tools for its users. You can share your desired videos over Netflix if your friend has the same application’s browsing extension. It only works on Google Chrome that performs with ease if the second person syncing feature is active.  You can chat with your friends while watching your favorite Video or shows.

For joining the party of Netflix, everyone has the accessibility to use Netflix on their device. They have to create their Netflix account separately. Sadly, the party doesn’t provide built-in Video and audio chatting services. You can use any other application alongside this application.


It is also one of the popular video streaming and syncing service that works smoothly just after creating the account of Gaze. It provides the voice and Video calling features to its users to give complete access to their accounts.

It works for syncing various video formats such as YouTube and locally stored files. It permits its users to set up video chats effortlessly. To share and watch videos with your friend, you have to send an invitational link to them, and once they accept it, you can continue using the services of Gaze.

The most interesting thing related to Gaze is the application permits only two different viewers at one time. Both must have the same video files stored on their devices. By using some of the popular Cloud Storage applications such as “Dropbox,” “Torrent,” and “FTP,” you can transfer your desired file from your device to another.


It is a video streaming application that was previously known as “Rabbit.” The tool works on the webcam service in order to share and watch videos with your friends. This application provides the accessibility of watching movies, shows, browsing web application, making a video chat online with their partners or friends. One can live stream the PC games for their loved friend. It is equipped with a dynamic chat platform where a user can interact with over 100 participants at a time.

It provides easy access for your friend to share your desktop after just uploading the desktop on your device. In this case, the other person won’t need to fetch the copies of their own video and audio files to watch together.

Source :- https://globalwebroot.com/blog/best-ways-to-stream-videos-movies-shows-with-friends-online/

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