Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: Downtime, Agent Meowsicles & Everything to Know

“Epic Games Confirm the Downtime for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2”

Epic Games have announced that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 will be updated on 20 February, 4 am EST, and 2:30 pm IST. The downtime has been begun, and the Fortnite servers are about to shut down in a couple of hours. The news has been announced through the official Twitter handle of Fortnite alongside the official of Fortnite has clearly mentioned that this is a season change, and it will acquire some time to cease.

 The excitation of the Fortnite fans is about to cure in a couple of hours. However, the downtime will begin at 4 am EST, and it might extend to 7, or 8 am as the update size is larger than expected. The V12.00 is coming along with the all-new world of Fortnite that includes new maps, new skins, new cosmetics, new weapons, new characters, and probably new battle pass. 

The update will be arriving on all the gaming consoles that support Fortnite, such as PS4Xbox OneNintendo Switch, and PC. As soon as the update gets activated, the Fortnite official will update about it through their Twitter handle. Along with there must be the larger size of Patch than the previous Season as Epic Games mentioned that this Season would be larger than usual.

However, there is no confirmation about how long does the server will shut down, or you can say how long V12 does take to get activated—looking upon the post seasonal updates. We are pretty sure that it will get activated till 8 Am EST. The gamers need to hold on to their patients for several more hours and should keep on checking the official Twitter account of Fortnite for updates.

The gamers need to download the V12 Patch after it gets activated and gets ready to witness something new as we all are familiar with the perseverance of Epic games to introduce new aspects and technology in Fortnite. Thus, they have already proclaimed that this update is larger than the post Season update. The new Season probably comes along with various mesmerizing and stunning changes alongside new features.

 Fortnite gamers have already teased several new locations in the forthcoming Season on Twitch. Alongside, new events will be arriving with the update, and it is confirmed the news that the subsequent events will be tied up with Alter organization. The oil rig POI will also be a part of Fortnite season 2 alongside Rumble Mode has been altered, and it will now come with more quirks and features. The blue weapons and bandages are removed now, and players can now use Glider Redeployment for free.

Although the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 will definitely intrigue the users, there is also the possibility that it may be failed to attain acclamation as there are a lot of similar cases like it had happened earlier. The anticipation and the excitation of the fans alongside critics are about to end, and several more disclosures will be revealed once the V12 gets activated. Till then, we have to wait and keep on checking the Twitter account of Fortnite to get notified about subsequent activation.

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