How to Take Part in Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Nature Day Event

Animal Crossing: New Horizons recently got an awesome update that allows users to take part in the game’s Nature Day event. It is one of the best initiatives of the game development team to put the Nature day event in the game as it will make people and especially kids aware of the importance of our nature. In general, it is hard for parents to teach the importance of nature, but with the help of this game, they will automatically be encouraged to do more for nature.

The new special even event of Nature Day is starting from April 23, 2020, and will remain till May 4, 2020. In this period, users can collect a special reward if they finish Nook Miles+ activities that are related to Earth Day. In this article, we are about to provide quick details about how to get this update and how to participate in Nature Day on your Animal Crossing: New Horizons. So what’s the Wait? Let’s jump in.  

How to Get the Nature Day Event Update on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  1. Make sure that your Nintendo Switch is connected to a Wi-Fi.  
  2. Once you are connected, you will be asked to update Animal Crossing: New Horizons shortly.  
  3. In case you don’t receive any prompt to download this new update, don’t worry, just see the next step.
  4. Head to Animal Crossing: New Horizons launcher from the home screen of your device.
  5. Then, go to Options via the + button on your controller.
  6. If the game is already updated, you will see the Ver. 1.2.0 on the upper left corner.  
  7. In case it is an older version, head to Software Update and then chooses Via the Internet.
  8. Now hit the A key to your controller to make changes.
  9. Once the update is complete, you will see the Ver. 1.2.0 on the upper right corner of the screen.
  10. Now you will be able to partake in the Nature Day event on your Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Joining the Nature Day Event on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

First and foremost, you need to catch Leif the Sloth, who is a new character in your video game. He has a garden shop in Resident Services Plaza.

You are going to meet him to buy some flowers that are not available in Nook’s Cranny. Hence, it is vital to meet him first to do well in the Nature Day event.  

Here is the list of new plants items that you will get from Leaf’s shop:

  • Holly (Bloom in Winter): Red
  • Tea Olive: Orange, Yellow
  • Hibiscus (Bloom in Summer): Red, Yellow
  • Hydrangea (Bloom in Fall): Blue, Pink
  • Azaleas (Bloom in Spring): Pink, White
  • Camellias: Pink, Red
  • These shrubs will not get anywhere else in the game at specific timings. Make sure to visit his stall first before diving into the event.  

    Get Bonus Bells By Selling Weeds

    While the event is going on, Leaf is looking for weeds even at higher rates because he urgently needs it. 

    You can visit his stall once more and don’t forget to take some weeds for him. Then talk to him and choose the Let’s talk weeds option. Then you will get a much better price for your weed as he will pay you 20 bells per bunch of weeds.  

    Nook Miles+ Activities & Rewards

    When you leave your home at the beginning of the first day, you will get a mail, and you can check it in your mailbox. Tom Nook has given you a mail telling you regarding the beginning of the Nook Miles+ activities that you can do throughout the nature Day event.

    You will also need to talk to Toom Nook regarding the Nook Miles+ event by visiting Residential Services. You should do this before starting any activities. Then you will get to know that you can get a special reward in case you partake in nature day event on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In case you have done one challenge already, he will reward you with the hedge recipe that you can make with a DIY Workbench. 

    Thereafter you can enjoy the Nature Day event by completing tasks given by Nook Miles+ in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons video game. That’s it!

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