Homeworld 3: Release Date, Gameplay and Story Details

In the Homeworld, the third installment of the series is releasing soon after a long wait. And here we learn regarding its gameplay and story in detail. The game is comprised of real-time tactics and set in space, in which gamers have to build along operate space ships. Basically, the main aim of the Homeworld game is gathering fleet by growing resources and eliminating the opponents.

Homeworld 3: Release Date

 As we know, this game was initially released by Sierra, whereas Gearbox will now publish the new installment as it owns the rights now.  Last year, Blackbird Interactive (developers) and Gearbox announced the latest installment at the PAX West.

As compared to the Gearbox previous releases, it has a unique twist, i.e., Homeworld 3 is crowdfunded. From just 8000 backers, the campaign has raised in Fig more than .5 million even after the fundraising aim was achieved.    Along with this, there are some fans who continued to spend money on the projects. About the release date, no firm date has been revealed yet, but it is estimated to be launched in the fourth quarter of the year 2022.

Homeworld 3: Story Details

According to the developers, the game is mainly focused on single-player developments in the story. In the first installment, the journey of a humanoid known as the Kushan, who finds a ship capable of traveling in the space. He uses the ship afterward to locate the long-lost Homeword. At the end of the first game, Kushan finds his planet under attack in Homeworld 2 and must face the enemy in order to save it.

In Homeworld 3, there are lots of elements expected, such as redemptions, exodus, and exploration. However, the game story information is still not plentiful, but it seems that fans can expect something great from the predecessors.

Homeworld 3: Gameplay Details

As mentioned earlier, the developers are focused on improving the single-player experience. So, do not need to feel left out as you still can enjoy the game by going head to head with other gamers. Most importantly, they believe that by adding a new game mode can bring the game to another level. So, developers promise more multiplayer gameplay later to increasing players’ pleasure in the Homeworld 3.

Like with launch and story details, not many Homeworld 3 gameplay information available as of you. However, it is expected that they plan to follow with dedication in the rest of the series. In other words, gamers will see a three-dimensional real-time strategy combats in the space. This feature left other famous RTS genre games such as Command and Conquered a little flat by judgment in the past. 

Moreover, developers are planning to make more strategic options in the game, such as the ability to utilize the environment in the favor.  They are trying to improvise the navigation system that will let you feel intuitive on the mouse.   At last, still, we do not know much about the game, whereas Blackbird and Gearbox seem in the spirit to launch the sequel i.e., a crowd-pleaser. 

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