Guide to Best Team Composition in Valorant

Riot’s upcoming first-person shooter game has already become a significant hit after millions of gamers watched its beat version on Twitch. The game has increased the excitement and anticipation level of the players. However, currently, the game’s beta version is available, and several players are trying their hands on it.

Valorant resembles with Counter-Strike and Overwatch, that means both offensive and defensive attribute will require to file victory in it. In the subsequent blog, we are going to mainly focus upon its characteristic of choosing the best team, which is quite beneficial for the sake of a great game.

How to Choose the Best Team in Valorant

Gamers need to be aware of the fact that a good team comprises of skilled agents, and there is a specific category for all the agents. Every agent has a particular skill, and based on that, we have orientated them in a category. Gamers need to understand that their team must have agents of all these categories.

  • Mobility.
  • Damage.
  • Support.
  • Intel.
  • Offensive.
  • 1- Agent with Mobility Ability

    Although, there are very few agents in Valorant that have mobility, however, they alone can handle any sort of conflict. So, it is advisable to assign agents with mobility in your team. As one of the vital skills in Valorant is to aim, and mobility agents are master of aiming. Gamers need to know that there are only two agents resides in the world of Valorant that have mobility skill; Omen and Jett.

    Omen can teleport in any time dimension under any circumstances. Whereas, Jett has the potency of jumping and gliding. Although it is a decision of the gamers, we do advise that Jett is the best mobility companion to include in your team. She can quickly execute high jumps, which are quite necessary for the dodging of attacks. Alongside this, her gliding ability will also be crucial to hinder foes, and during the time of emergency, she will use her secret weapon, Kundai Blades.

    2- Agent with Damage Ability

    New gamers always believe in the ideology of being offensive, whereas veterans, say being defensive helps them to win easily. Players of Valorant must know the fact that it is very crucial to include a great defender into their team. In the world of Valorant, there are numerous damage agents resides, but Raze the one that always wins the race against other damage agents. Raze is the best option as it obtains an ability to dodge severe explosive attacks.

    She is an expert who can diffuse any sort of explosive alongside she obtained robots as her companion. During the time of emergency, she often uses her hidden weapon known as C-4 that is a nightmare for the foes. Alongside, for general fighting encounters, she uses her two grenades that inflict small damage to the enemies. Raze is a perfect compact package for the gamers who believe in the fact that a defensive agent must be there in his team.

    3- Agent with Support Ability

    Support is one of the most vital attributes of any team, and it becomes more crucial when we talk about a team of shooters. The agent with the ability to support obtains the power of reviving and healing the members of their team. Thus, gamers must assign a support agent in their team, and the best choice for them is Sage.

    As she obtains rare abilities to revive and healing alongside, she obtains various hidden dodging attacks that are pretty crucial during the time of the battle. Sage not only provides extra life to her team members but also helps them in dodging the attacks of their foes.

    4- Agent with Intel Ability

    Intelligence is one of the key figures to win any sort of battle. Thus, the world of Valorant also allows gamers to know about the plans and hideout of their enemies. Players can only avail of this feature through an Intel agent. As these agents contain espionage abilities, and they use various gadgets and techniques to do it.

    There are only two Intel agents available in Valorant; Cypher and Sova. Both of them have unique and useful abilities, but for more intel skills, it is better to assign Sova to the team. Sova is a trained archer who uses her drone gadgets to spy over the enemies using maps. Sova also has a robot known as Recon Bolt that provides information of the enemies to her. Thus, by including Sova to their team, gamers can quickly know about the hideout of their enemies.

    5- Agent with Offensive Ability

    The world of Valorant will divide the teams of the gamers into two categories; defensive and offensive. Although we have learned above the necessity of defensive agents, in the subsequent game, there is also a need for offensive agents. There are two agents with offensive ability in Valorant; Phoenix and Viper. Both of them have potent skills to target enemies; however, Viper is a great companion on which gamers can easily rely.

    Viper can inflict severe damage to her enemies using various of her potent attacks such as Smoke Wall that can blind the foes alongside throwing of grenades. The best attack she uses during the time of emergency is to craft a smoke full of poison to slain the enemies due to suffocation. There are numerous abilities, and gimmicks Viper uses to inflict damage to her enemies. Thus, gamers should include her in their team.

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