Why Disney + Lizzie McGuire Revival Series is Delayed?

Fans may have to wait for more for watching Disney+ show Lizzie McGuire revival because of the problems that the production is facing. An idea of relaunching show was shared at last summer in which Hilary Duff and original characters will play their roles. The show was first streamed on Disney Channel in the 2000s, and then the featured movie was dropped in 2003. That’s why Lizzie McGuire’s revival is getting delayed and what’s it’s all about for the series future.


The beginning of the series focused at young audiences, in which Lizzie McGuire tackle her life as a middle school student. With her two best friends Gordo and Miranda and also her parents and irritating little brother Matt. She also has the vocal consciousness that shown as the animated counterpart.

The show ended as Lizzie and her friends prepared to graduate from Junior high. Lizzie McGuire’s revival of Disney+ was about to keep the focus on Lizzie as she turns 30 and face new problems as living in New York. After introducing the latest plot in her career as well as personal life, she will be pushed to go back to the LA for an unpredictable reason. It is not sure whether fans were again a part of a new plot of the show as a viewer as the show has been kept on hold till January. The showrunner Terri Minsky who was the part of an original show has not exited from the Disney+ show because of the problems between the creatives. Duff is now implying that the problems may indulge as Disney McGuire revival is not family-friendly sufficient for the Disney’s liking.

Lizzie McGuire Drama Imply the Bigger Problem With Disney+

The characters and crew have shooted 2 episodes of the show before Disney+ started creating problems. Till then, the cast and crew of the show remained silent. Till Duff corresponds in a comment on the current news about the member decided Disney+ series connected to Love, Simon. A show has changed the title to Love, Victor, and has decided to shift to the Hulu when Disney+ considers it not suitable for the viewers. Some of them have shown a problem with the news and blaming Disney not to want to air the series about the LGBT-centric plot. Love, Victor has professed that the show was stopped as it has an adult concept with marital issues, alcohol, and sexuality.

Duff posts to social media following the news and also shared the headline of the Love, Victor that has pulled off from the Disney+, including the comment that says “sounds familiar.” It appears as Lizzie McGuire revival has faced a similar problem, however rather moving the show to other streaming services, Disney+ has put the show on hold. It is not at all shocking as the show will be featuring more adult themes as Lizzie is not a teen anymore. This spread more light on the bigger problems with streaming service as they were advertising the new show but did not deliver when the production about to move.

It seems as Disney may be too transparent about the content restriction. However, it is actually not the case as such cases are erupting in the production and filming procedure. Disney+ may have the content standards, but it must be adequately discussed before services apply titles in advertising. It is unsure what is going to happen to Lizzie McGuire and whether they will find the latest showrunner. There are chances that series is going to follow the Love, Victor, and move to the Hulu, but fans have to remain calm and see how well the drama is going to unfolds.


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