Tiger King Bonus Episode May Release on Netflix this Week

There is a piece of good news for the fans of Tiger King who have missed the episodes of this beautiful show. According to Jeff Lowe, Netflix is all set to release the bonus episode of this show next week. Jeff Lowe was seen in the series of Tiger King as the business partner of Joe Exotic, who became the owner of the zoo. He announced that Netflix is planning to add more episodes to the series, and till next week they will start the filming. However, Jeff Lowe did not make it clear that how they will begin to the filming of the series as the whole USA is going through a lockdown and maintaining social distancing.

Meanwhile, the fans are speculating that the new episode may be the special reunion one, or it may be the continued episode of the series. The fans of the series are well acquainted with the story of the Tiger King revolving around Joe Exotic. Joe Exotic is a private zoo owner who has more than200 tigers and big cats. He ran his zoo for the president of the United States of America and then for the Oklahoma governor. He is involved in a rivalry with an activist Carole Baskin. Carole is fighting for the rights of animals and determined to send Joe Exotic to jail. The feud between the two people escalated so much that Joe hired someone to kill his foe, Carole. This landed him in prison, and he was sentenced 22 years for hiring someone to kill Carole. Tiger king became more and more famous among the people due to its fast and loose anecdotes making each episode of the show memorable. Tiger King became so popular that it started generating more and more content regarding the show on social media sites. This led to more and more people to watch the show.

Now, people are again waiting for the further episodes of the show, and after the announcement of Jeff, the eagerness among the people is increasing to a large extent. Meanwhile, Lowe showed his gratitude to the people for watching the show and making it such a huge hit. He said these words in a message recorded on Cameo, which is a message site for the celebrities, and then he added that the show is going to be aired on Netflix with some more episodes again. However, the representatives of Netflix turned down any request to comment on the announcement made by Lowe. But, according to the recent update, it seems that Netflix set all set to release the further episodes. So, if you are waiting for the additional events of the Tiger King, then there are some ways through which you can get more and more content and exciting news about the show. There is a podcast about the big cat universe of Joe Exotic, along with some well-planned miniseries that could be listened to by the viewers. You can also watch the videos of David Spade, who has interviewed several people who were appearing on the Tiger King. The fans can enjoy the interviews until the further episodes came to the streaming service, Netflix


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