How to Defeat Emerald and Ruby Weapon in Final Fantasy 7

The developers of Final Fantasy 7 Remake have only retained the Midgar part from Final Fantasy VII, and it was very disappointing for the fans because they were expecting to retain several iconic antagonists. Although, there are some monsters included in the remake through the original game, including Ruby and Emerald Weapon.

Those who are new to the game will not relate with these names – they are monsters crafted by the planet to demolish Jenova. However, they have already demolished by Cetra and thus remain to stay in Stasis. In Final Fantasy 7, players require to fight with Ultimate and Diamond weapon, but now there are two more to face. Here in the article, we will facilitate you with a piece of the necessary information about both Emerald and Ruby Weapon alongside methods to defeat them easily. Make sure that you read this article cautiously to avoid any mistake during the battle. 

Game Over

Several players of the game have stated about Cait Sith deficiency in Final Fantasy 7, but for this process, it is the best contender. Cait Sith has the ability to possess powerful attacks that can sneak out both Emerald and Ruby Weapon out of the arena in a single blaze. The best attacks of Cait Sith are slots, Game Over, which can thrash out both of the monsters in one attempt. Players need to know the proper way of pressing down the slots because the efficiency of slots largely relies on the perfect launching. Players need to know how to press Square alongside know about the working of Symbol. In short, Game Over is enough to defeat both the monsters in one shot.

Fight with Emerald Weapon

We will begin with an unauthorized way through a flaw and those who don’t know there is an issue in the number system of the game. We are going to use this flaw against the game by attaining Death Penalty Weapon. Vincent is the best character to handle Death Penalty Weapon in the game because it knows the perfect way of using it; thus, he can slay any foe in one shot. Players can also go with the option of Missing Score and allows Barret to use it.

 Gamers need to ensure that Missing Score is equipped with Round materia’s 8 mastered Knights alongside has consumed at least two Hero Drink. After that, Barret will enter into battle with Emerald, and thus, he will use Overflow Glitch to slain Emerald Weapon instantly. There is one more method to kill Emerald, which is to use Gravity and requires to equipped it with W-Magic and HP Absorb. This will result in attacking Emerald Weapon for 99998*8 times, which will make dodging impossible, and thus Emerald will be dead successfully.

Fight with Ruby Weapon

Ruby Weapon is much harder to kill than Emerald Weapon because of its high dodging specs alongside powerful attacks. Players need to attain Dazers, which lies inside Battery Caps and Boundfats. After players have successfully attained W-Item Materia, then they need to use Over glitch again to make 99 copies of the weapon.

 Players need to numb Ruby Weapon by entering into the arena with at least two most deadly characters. They need to keep on attacking it through W-Item Materia, and in a few minutes, the monster will faint in front of the players. There are few prerequisites that players need to grab before going into the arena, and they are Fire ArmletsRibbons, and  Reflects.


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