Here is how to Fix Not Getting Netflix in 4K

Netflix is the most-renowned video-streaming platform on the web. A major portion lot of the fame it gets is due to the video quality offered by the platform. You can even stream videos in the holy 4K HD quality, given you use a high-speed internet connection.

However, there may be time when you fail to get Netflix in 4K. If you are facing not getting 4K videos on your Netflix, then this article will help with troubleshooting.

Netflix Plan Checking

If you are not subscribed to 4K or not paying support 4K plan content for Netflix, then you can’t stream 4K videos on Netflix. Here is the current plan list of Netflix:

  • Basic (.99 for one month): Standard Definition (SD), 480 pixel content on a single screen at a time.
  • Standard (.99 for one month): High definition (HD) 1080 pixel content on two screens at a time.
  • Premium (.99 for one month): Ultra HD (UHD) 4K pixel content on four screens at a time.
  • If you are not paying for the 1080p or HD premium plan, then you content not preview in 1080p or HD. Here are the instructions that can help to enhance your Netflix plan in the Netflix application on your device as well as on the web.

     Here are the steps on how to upgrade Netflix on your device:

    1. Launch the application and select a profile.
    2. Tap on the profile that appears on the upper top of your screen.
    3. Choose Account.
    4. In the plan, details tap Change plan.
    5. Choose premium and then tap confirm.

    After this process, you have activated 4K high-quality video content, but it can be a little costly from the standard plan. You also make sure your device has a 4k video supporting hardware to streaming 4K content.

    Enable HD playback in your Account

    In the Netflix Account settings, Users can rusticate how much width Netflix consumes. Those are separate as Auto (default setting) high, medium, and low.

    Here are the steps on how to change width settings on Netflix account:

    1. Launch the Netflix and login with your Account and password.
    2. Tap on the profile picture that appears on the upper right corner on your screen.
    3. Choose Account
    4. In My Profile, choose Playback Settings.
    5. Choose High when you want to maximum quality.

    Netflix allows three separate rough guidelines for data consumption to streaming video:

  • Low: Up to 0.3 Gigabyte single hour.
  • Medium: Up to 0.7 Gigabyte single hour.
  • High: Up to 3 Gigabyte each hour or for HD content 7 Gigabyte each Hour.
  • If you have a closed info cap, you may require Low or Medium limit. For 4k, you need to choose Auto because of its work on your internet connectivity or speed of your internet fast or slow. You can also enable High when you are not satisfied with the Auto limit. And make sure when you are streaming your video on 4k, you need to of Medium and Low limit.

    Check the Internet Speed

    Netflix requires the surfing internet connection speed as 25 MB per second or higher to need to streaming 4K video. You can also see how your internet connection provider using speed test.

    The peak streaming time occurs during the evening, so maybe your connection is slow because of the immense number of users on the network. You can also do a troubleshoot to test peck hour to find the 25MB requirement in the high usage hour.

     If you are using less then 25MB, then you need to attach your ISP and need to maximize the speed of your internet connection. Always remember one thing that 25 MB is the minimum requirement. If other people Using your internet to play games, watching videos or downloading files van be impacted the ability to streaming 4K content on Netflix. You can also upgrade your plan that is suitable for your family or on behalf of your household usages.

    Make Sure the Browser Supports 4K

    If you wish to stream Netflix 4K content in a browser, then you can only work within the Microsoft Edge Windows 10. You also need an Intel Core seventh-generation or more reliable processor and NVIDIA GPU supporter.

    If you wish to stream an external monitor, then your device also supports HDCP 2.2. Alternatively, users can also use the Netflix application in the Windows 10 Store.

    If you are using Apple Mac, then you are limited to 1080 pixels via Safari on macOS version 10.10.3. If you want it, then you need to run Windows in a virtual machine.

    If you are using Opera, Chrome, or Firefox, then you are stuck along with 720pixel at this time. It is because of DRM (Digital Rights Management) and trying to prevent 4K streaming from Netflix from being shared online.

    Make Sure the Streaming Box Supports 4K

    When you are using a set-top box like Apple TV to watch Netflix, then you need to make sure your TV in 4K-compliant. You also need a 4K apple that streams 4K videos and allows output ultra HD to your Apple TV. A chromecast ultra able to work 4K streaming but standard chromecast not support.

    If you are using modern 4KTV, then it is an excellent chance it is inbuilt Netflix application on your TV. The older version of 4K TV earlier 2014 doesn’t support 4K content and ultra HD. To streaming Netflix in 4K content using a smart TV, you must have a Netflix application installed and has an HEVC decode to handle streaming. There are many 4K TV manufactures and available in the market that can across with Netflix in 4K.

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