Fox Planning to Buy Tubi While NBCUniversal Eyes Vudu

“Fox Might Acquire Tubi While NBC Buys Vudu”

Fox is planning to acquire the popular streaming service of AmericaTubiThe Wall Street Journal has spread the news. They have spread one more story about NBC Universal, who is planning to attain acquisition of another popular entertainment service provider, Vudu. Both of these news has created a buzz in the showbiz business as Fox and NBC Universal both are a renowned entertainment provider. After the announcement of their acquisition, the fans across the USA are excited about the forthcoming changes in Vudu and Tubi.

Tubi is renowned globally for being the only streaming site with ad-free content that comprises of more than 20,000 TV Shows alongside movies. The streaming site works with the help of more than 250 content providers that includes big names such as Lionsgate and Warner Bros. In the post-December; the service has proclaimed that they have crossed more than 25 million active users. Their one year watched time has been increased, and now it is more than 163 million hours. After collaborating with Fox, there is an estimation that the stats will enhance rapidly, and Tubi will be worth more than 500 million $ after Fox acquisition over it. Tubi provides its services in almost all parts of the US alongside Canada and Australia. The company is planning to expand its territories to parts of Europe and Mexico after the acquisition of Fox.

Vudu is a popular streaming service of the USA, and recently, it is owned and operates by Wal-Mart. Vudu provides service that grants users to purchase or rent individual shows and movies. Whereas similar to Tubi, Vudu also started an ad-free service in 2016. It has only ten years since Wal-Mart has purchased Vudu for 100 Million$, and the company has always shown interest in Vudu. Recently, Wal-Mart has stated about Vudu that it is a popular and growing streaming service alongside till now Vudu has more than 100 million users across the USA. However, the news of NBC Universal showing interest in Vudu can be real, but it would definitely be shocking if Wal-Mart agrees to sell it.

NBC Universal is also planning to launch its all-new streaming service, which is known as Peacock, and it will be arriving in the initial week of April. The streaming service will be anticipated that it would come with all new aspects alongside it would be ad-free and will be provided at least an affordable price of 5$ per month. So, the launch of Peacock and acquisition of Vudu, are quite hard to do at the same time, but The Wall Street Journal hasn’t spread any hoax news yet.

Fox and NBC Universal haven’t confirmed the news about any acquisition yet, but it is expected to become out soon. The emerging business of streaming services has led to significant competition in the showbiz market. Recently we encountered popular streaming services such as Disney Plus and Apple TV plus to have arrived. Quibi is also planning to be established soon. Then, the news of Tubi and Vudi’s acquisition has opened up our mind that there are more stunning aspects to arrive quickly in the streaming platform market.

Source :- https://easymcafee.com/fox-planning-to-buy-tubi-while-nbcuniversal-eyes-vudu/

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