Microsoft Signs a New Deal With NFL for Another Year

Microsoft has signed a new deal with NFL making a way to utilize Microsoft Teams by all 32 groups of NFL. The newly signed contract has now broadened and restored the partnership of both parties by making the Microsoft Teams be the official interaction platform of the league.  According to Microsoft, Now the league will continue to use the Surface products as the chief and official tablets. After the new deal signed with NFL, the organizations will become able to use the services for connecting one communication hub to be used for hosting calls, meetings, managing internal calendars along with arranging chats and conferences and syncing the documents all across the Microsoft devices such Mac, iOS, Android and Windows devices.

The restored and broadened collaboration between the two parties could be seen as a massive win for the tech giant as IBM preferred  Slack over Microsoft. IBM preferred Slack instead of Microsoft for empowering its communication system all across the company for more than 350,000 employees working in the company. It was a big win for Slack over its rival company Microsoft which makes Slack the biggest customer of IBM, and according to some reports, IBM is experimenting with the communication system of Slack far back from the year 2014.

Meanwhile, the noticeable thing is that Microsoft established its partnership with NFL in the year 2013 with the mission to use the technology for empowering the people related to the football such as players, coaches, fans and officials. From the last seven years, Microsoft Surface has become a crucial tool for the NFL, which is utilizing it not only on-field but also off the field. The device has transformed everything till not, which includes game planning, instant replays, experiences of the fans, and the Draft and scouting combine of the NFL. Microsoft supplied the surface devices, which were more than 2,000 in numbers, along with deploying 170 windows servers all-around 35 stadiums across the globe.

Apart from the above facilities provided by the tech giant to the NFL, the company also, with the help of its innovative technology-empowered, almost 333 events annually on the prestigious game day for NFL. Now, the multi-year expansion of the partnership for the NFL will encourage the tech giant to come with more innovative ideas and devices for the team, along with its individual NFL teams. The collaboration between the tech giant and the NFL was not always smooth sailing for the tech giant. The tech giant had to face many problems and controversies too. In the year 2016, the New England Patriots stopped using the Surface tablets produced by the tech giant and stated that the performance of the Surface tablets is not consistent enough.  The company was compelled to defend its products saying and struggled a lot to restore the partnership by convincing the Patriots.

Microsoft also spends a whole year coach the announcers of the league to not call its tablets iPods as the announcers did not know about the product, and they often resemble it as iPod like a tool. Amidst all, the competition between Slack and Microsoft is fierce when it comes to providing the best communication platform to its customers. Both the companies are innovating to make their products the best and more innovative so it could win the hearts of their clients.

Source :- https://karenmintonblogexpert.wordpress.com/2020/03/04/microsoft-signs-a-new-deal-with-nfl-for-another-year/

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