The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Cooking Recipes

There are numerous of Breath of the Wild recipes available in Legend of Zelda game. They can make everything such as health, speed, ability and tolerate temperature and more. These recipes and the buffs that BOTW offers are generous as you progress in the game. So, here is the complete breakdown of the effects of whatever you cook or recipes and what everything does to help you move ahead smoothly. 

Additionally, given all the potential methods, gamers can allocate ingredients, is that the finest combination will be prioritized at all times. In case you have a campfire, then move to the frozen and roasted dishes section to check what you can cook. The other recipes need a cooking pot, so it is recommended not to cook those recipes without one. Most importantly, monster and insect’s parts make elixirs, whereas seasonings and food make meals in the game. Note, try not to mix them; you will end up wasting your ingredients and failed dishes. So, get cooking by keeping them separate.

Way to Add effect in dishes

Cooking in the BOTW is quite easy and straightforward. All you need to do is use some ingredients in a cooking pot and get a meal out of it. In case, you want to make a particular dish using your ingredients, then use buffs (for enhanced speed or stamina regeneration) for cooking. Also, utilizing ingredients with the best potency grades also boosts the final dish level. So, use grade A or B or stack ingredients to get a third level meal.

  • Movement Speed:   Hasty
  • Flame Guard:  Fireproof
  • Stealth up:  Sneaky
  • Shock Resistance:  Electro
  • Attack up:  Mighty
  • Heat Resistance:  Chilly
  • Defense Up:  Tough
  • Cold Resistance:  Spicy
  • Meal Ingredients Locations and Stats

    There are plenty of ingredients available in Hyrule; gamers can hunt for meat, forage for plants and dive for fish. In the game, not everything will able to add a unique effect to a meal. So, check out the listed ones that do along with their locations and potency grade.


  • Hearty Radish: Lanaayru Great Spring, Akkala Highlands
  • Big Hearty Truffle: Mount Lanayru, Hebra Mountains
  • Energizing

  • Courser Honey Bee: Hit or shoot down any Hyrule beehive present in trees.
  • Hyrule Filed, Great Hyrule Forest
  • Enduring

  • Endura Carrot: Kakariko Village
  • Endura Shroom: Hyrule Field, Hyrule Ridge
  • Hasty

  • Swift Carrot: Faron Grasslands, Hyrule Ridge
  • Fleet-Lotus Seeds: Lanayru Great Spring, Lanayru Wetlands
  • Sneaky

  • Swift Violet: Gerudo Highlands, Hebra Mountains
  • Silent Shroom: Akkala Highlands, Hyrule Field
  • Mighty

  • Mighty Thistle: Faron Grasslands, West Necluda
  • Mighty Bananas: Faron
  • Tough

  • Armoranth: Hyrule Ridge, Akkala Highlands
  • Ironshroom: West Necluda, Lanaayru Great Spring
  • Spicy

  • Warm Safflina: Hyrule Ridge, Gerudo Desert
  • Spicy Pepper: Tabantha Forest, Gerudo Desert
  • Chilly

  • Cool Safflina: Hyrule Ridge, Gerudo Desert
  • Hydromelon: Faron Grasslands, Gerudo Desert
  • Electro

  • Electric Safflina: Hyrule Ridge, Gerudo Desert
  • Voltfruit: Gerudo Highlands, Gerudo Desert

    Poultry and Meat Recipes

    Hunting medium-sized animals such as boars, large birds, deer and goats, will reward players with the meat of different qualities. Conversely, meat does not offer any special effect to a meal but will fill your heart gauge to some degree. The most beneficial recipes are as follows:

  • Monster Stew: Any seafood + Any meat + Monster Extract
  • Meat Skewer: Any Meat
  • Salt-Grilled Meat: Raw bird drumstick or Raw meat + Rock salt
  • Seafood and Meat fry: Any Seafood + Raw bird drumstick or Raw meat
  • Rice bowl and Meat: Hylian Rice + Raw bird drumstick or Raw meat + Rock Salt
  • Prime Meat Curry: Goron Spice + Raw Bird Thigh + Hylian Rice
  • Meat Pie: Goat Butter + Any Meat + Tabantha Wheat + Rock Salt
  • Rice Bowl and Gourmet Meat: Rock Salt + Raw bird drumstick or Raw meat + Hylian Rice
  • Poultry Pilaf: Goat Butter + Raw bird drumstick + Bird Egg + Hylian Rice
  • Prime Meat Stew: Fresh Milk + Goat Butter + Raw bird drumstick or Raw meat +Tabantha Wheat
  • Pepper Steak: Spicy Pepper + Any Meat
  • Elixirs and their Effects

    As we know, elixirs are formed by combing the small animals such as lizards, frogs or insects with monster parts. These parts dictate the elixir duration and the other one dictates the buff. As with making a meal, check out the kinds of effects that it can bestow in the game. Those are:

  • Fireproof Elixir: Flame Shield – Monster Part + Fireproof animal
  • Hearty Elixir: Additional Hearts – Monster Part + Hearty animal
  • Electro Elixir: Electric Guard – Monster Part + Electro Animal
  • Enduring Elixir: Additional Stamina – Monster Part + Enduring Animal
  • Chilly Elixir: Heat Guard – Monster Part + Chilly Animal
  • Hasty Elixir: Boost Movement speed- Monster Part + Hasty Animal
  • All in all, use such recipes in cooking and don’t panic as they do not get cooked up.

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