How to Dodge in Resident Evil 3 Remake

After providing a vivid experience of Resident Evil 3 Remake to the gamers through a demo version, Capcom has now finally released its original version. Players across the globe are praising the game a lot. The game appears to be more complicated than the demo version, and instead of being offensive, it requires gamers to be more aggressive. Gamers are facing difficulty in Dodge Rolling; thus, in the article, we are going to help the players in executing rolling dodge alongside we will also brief them more about all its quirks.

The virtual world of Resident Evil 3 allows gamers to execute three sorts of dodging, and the most striking thing is that all of them get launched through a similar button. The players need to master this aspect of Resident Evil 3 Remake to obtain triumphant as it is one of the most powerful techniques. The names of the three dodges are Standard, Perfect, and Perfect Counter.

1- Standard Dodge

This one is one of the simplest dodges amongst other ones. As it doesn’t require any sort of technique or timing to execute. Gamers just require to press down Space bar if they are playing the game on their PC, whereas players who are enjoying the Resident Evil 3 on Xbox One should press RB alongside players of PS4 should press R1.

Once the players execute the following keys on their preferred gaming console, soon after, Carlos and Jill will begin performing standard dodge. However, players need to be aware of the fact that this dodge won’t leave the players open during the recovering of their characters.

2- Perfect Dodge

Although executing the perfect dodge is a hard task for the gamers to do. But it will grant them various benefits that will make their hard work worth it. It is different from standard dodge as players need to execute it on perfect timing.

The best timing is to implement it just before the attack, as this will provide the players a better chance to get out of a dangerous situation. The players must use this dodge while trying to take down Nemesis. The button for executing is remaining the same in all the gaming consoles.

3- Perfect Counter Dodge

This one is probably the best dodge among the rest of them as it allows gamers to grab the button in their hand and launch them whenever they want. However, it is quite hard for players to learn about this technique, but if they did, then they will have the power of both defensive and offensive abilities.

The gamers should keep on using all three dodge abilities in various games. As the more they are going to use these abilities, the more they will learn and master them. Alongside except Standard dodge, timing is quite necessary and crucial for executing a high dodge, and it will only come after the experience.


The article here is to help the gamers with a piece of information about Resident Evil 3 Remake. The information is merely based upon its dodge ability aspects, and through the medium of this blog, we are going to help the gamers about executing them. We hope that the following article will help the players, and they accomplished their purpose through it.

The gamers who haven’t try the gaming experience of Resident Evil 3 Remake can obtain it through Xbox OnePS4, and PC.

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