Google Fit Redesign Makes Step Tracking More Significant

Google is all set to roll out a new user interface for Google fit Applications. The new user interface for Google Fit applications will be introduced for Android, iOS, iPhone, and Wear OS. The new user interface will place a significant focus on step tracking, which will be counted in the two circles as one of the two metrics. The new user interface will calculate and show your step counts in two loops instead of the measurement of Move Minutes. Meanwhile, a Google representative, while giving indications of the significance of the new users’ interface, said that the company has recognized that most of the users find it a familiar activity to count their steps when they start getting active and find it a great experience.

Further, the Google representative said that the company is always eager to listen to its users and initiate the tweaks to enhance user experiences. The representative said that they have found most of the users track or count their daily in many other apps and Google Fit. According to Google representative, it is always an important goal for the users to know about the counting of their step tracking. While confirming the changes made in the user interface, the Google agent said that the company has listened to its users carefully. Now the users can hear both step counts and Heart Points as both have been paired together at the center of the new user interface.

Further, the Google agent made it clear that the company is not eliminating Move minutes, an app that was used by the users to get move counts while doing any tasks or walking. The users can still see their points gained while doing any activity on Move minutes. Move minutes will remain available for the users at the top of the application under the rings. Also, many other rings for the users for Heart Points, increasing the heart price of the user is available at the top of the Google Fit application. Amidst all, Google advised its users to make at least 150 Heart Points as this can satisfy the standards set by the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association. Preparing and completing Heart Points of 150 will also help aid the users to track their daily developments towards accomplishing their fitness objectives.

The brand new user interface has been introduced by Google to the application of Wear OS only allow the users to start the exercise more early and quickly. It is worthwhile to understand that Google has introduced the rolled out the Google Fit redesign for the users of Android in the year 2018 in August. The Google Fit redesign was further added to iOS users in the year 2019 by the company. The previously introduce fitness application was focused on closing rings, which was much similar to Apple. The app was based on the health recommendations of the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association. Also, it was to encourage the users to accomplish two goals based on Move minutes and heart points.


Source :- https://m-mcafee.uk.com/google-fit-redesign-makes-step-tracking-more-significant/

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