Resident Evil: Planned Monsters that never Appeared in the Franchise

The science-fiction horror film series is based on the video game with the same name developed by Capcom Survival still gets a lot of appraise from the fans. The principal characters of the film involved Alice, who played the role of former security specialist and a secret agent battling against the Umbrella corporations. Among other characters, the name of Jill Valentine, Carlos Olivera, Claire Redfield, and Berry Burton are significant. The enticing plot of Resident Evil attracted both hardcore and casual fans equally. A wide array of monsters also appeared in the Resident evil who make the gameplay more engaging; however, there are some monsters also who never made the final cut but are talked about a lot. Here, is the list of some of these monsters:-

  1. Tyrant Inferior

Tyrant Inferior never made the final cut, but it was supposed to make his appearance in one the first Resident Evil titles. Tyrant Inferior was the result of many failed attempts done by the Umbrella Corporations intended to change the humans into the full tyrants. The role of Tyrant Inferior in the science fiction series was not clear whether he will be the boss or among one of multiple tyrants inferiors.

  • Wesker’s Monsters
  • Wesker’s monsters were supposed to appear in the Resident Evil 0. Still, later it did not appear as the developers decided that Wesker will not perform as the main villain in Resident Evil 0. The story writer found it difficult to link the Resident Evil 1 timeline with the previous one and so the role of Wesker was scrapped.

  • Zombie Ape
  • The Zombie ape had to appear in the Resident Evil 2, but later it was scrapped. The Umbrella corporations had decided to release him in the parking lot of the Raccoon City. It is not much clear that if Umbrella Corporations used zombie ape in the city as a bioweapon or they were trying to transport it somewhere else to keep it safe.

  • Licker Zombie
  • The concept of Licker Zombie and Wheelchair Zombie was created for the Resident Evil 2 remake, but later the developing team of the video game scrapped it. Nothing much is known about the Licker Zombie, but the fans are speculating that the appearance of Licker Zombie may have been the result of infecting a Zombie host instead of a human host.

  • Wildcat
  • The Wildcat was supposed to appear in the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis but could not be made the final cut. There is speculation among the fans that this cat has got infected by coming in the contact of T-virus and may have occurred from the nearby Zoo of Raccoon city.

  • Black Fog
  • The developing team dropped the idea to make the appearance of Black Fog in Resident Evil 4 because of the lack of graphical enhancement at that time. It was difficult for the development team to make the graphically enhanced animations and make them look visually realistic.

  • Armored Ganado
  • The developing team rejected many designs of Ganado, and it was supposed to make the appearance of Armored Ganado in Resident Evil 4. The design of Armored Ganado was also among the rejected ones, but it was a little bit interesting design than the other Ganado designs. Many different models of Ganado enemies were also dropped, such as Bound Slave, Assassin Bear Claw man, the Arcanist, etc.

  • Hook Man
  • The fans and enthusiasts of Resident Evil were equally excited about the appearance of Hook Man in Resident evil 4. The glimpses of Hook Man was disclosed in the live demo in E3, which was held in the year 2003. Hook Man was a mighty enemy having the power of teleportation but the developing team of the game scrapped Hook Man.

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