No Time to Die Release Date Moved to November

“The Latest James Bond Movie “No Time to Die” is Postponed”

One of the most anticipated movies of 2020No Time to Die, is going to be released in forthcoming November. The news has been proclaimed through the official Twitter account of James Bond, in which they stated that after mutual consent of No Time to DieProducersMGMUniversalBarbara Broccoli, and Michael G. Wilson, the release of the film had been postponed until November 2020. Alongside, they proclaimed Evaluation of theatrical marketplace across the globe is a significant reason behind the subsequent decision.

Although the mentioned reason didn’t accept by anyone as it clearly seems out to be quite unauthentic. All of a sudden, the concern of the global theatrical market has summoned up in the franchiser’s mind; that’s what everyone is saying. The rumors that are spreading worldwide about this grave decision of Bond makers and marketers are that they have delayed the release of their movie date due to the virus. The global outbreak has currently become a significant concern of the world, and thus, several events have already been canceled or delayed due to it.

The rumors somehow seem out to be true because Bond film has a market that covers the whole world. If the movie going to be released in the pre-accorded date, April 10, then there is a possible chance that the film goes under an immense loss. The base of the virus; China is one of the significant countries in the world. Due to this severe epidemic, China has shut down everything, including movie theatres. Along with ChinaSouth KoreaJapan, and Italy are also in the grip of the virus. Thus they have also shut down all their work for some time. According to a report, Hollywood grossed more than 10 Billion$ annually from Asia and out of which China favors them to earn more than 2 Billion$.

So, the reason for the delay of the film indeed seems out to be the virus after analyzing these facts. However, there is no official proclamation about anyone from the Bond Franchise. The film earlier was set to hit the big screen in the UK in March 2020 whereas, in Australia and the USA, it is scheduled to be released in April. Now, the release of the film in the UK has been postponed to 12, November 2020 and in the US, it is going to be released on November 25.

My name is Bond, James Bond“; the quote of the franchise is referred to as one of the most famous movie quotes of all time. The excitation of the fans that are willing to see Daniel Craig saying the quote for one last time needs to wait till November. This will be the fifth film of Mr. Craig as a famous British agent and, most possibly, his last Bond film. Whatever the reason behind the delay in releasing of No Time to Die is not a concern of its fans. The fans need to know when they are going to find a cure for their excitation and anticipation, thus when the film will precisely arrive.

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