How to Capture Timed Photos using iPhone 11 & 11 Pro Camera Application

Apple always surprises its users with new features in their devices. Recently Apple launched the latest version of the iPhone with double and triple camera features in their iPhone device such as:

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • These iPhone devices are recently launched with new features with double and triples camera, and also a new included features inbuilt carving frame hardware. Because of their market reputation, the Apple always introduces new features in their iPhone devices. Here you learn how their unique features work with convenience hardware. Apple regularly provides new features to its user, Apple recently launched iPhone 11, 11 pro, and 11 Pro Max with double or triple cameras. Apple also built a camera software in these devices with different features on comparing to their previous device. That maybe confuses to some users who recently upgraded their iPhone device to iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11Pro Max. Perhaps some users not find some camera features like a timer setting that are easy to find in their previous iPhone.

    There is an old feature Camera Timer is one of the exciting features inbuilt in the camera application. Here are the steps that you find camera timer in your new iPhone device.

    How to Take Timed Photos on iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max with Camera Application

    1. Open the inbuilt Camera application and hit on the sleeve icon showed the upper arrow into your top side of the device screen.
    2. Now, You can see here a collection of new symbols pop-up in the down. If you had not noticed in your previous iPhone, then you have to know the previous function that you’ve been missing is the other option from the port, right filters. 
    3. Tap on the Timer icon, shown in your screen
    4. Now, you can choose a timer; this may take some moment. 
    5. Tap on the listed option you want to enable.
    6. Now you can view on your iPhone screen when you have selected a set timer.
    7. Here the timer symbol will be shown.
    8. Tap on done.
    9. Now can quickly toggle in some moments by clicking on the set timer icon.
    10. Set a timer icon located at the top of the screen, besides to the right chevron.

     This feature you need to take timed photos into your brand new iPhone 11,11 Pro and 11Pro max with the inbuilt camera application.

    You can also use a timer camera feature to take group selfies or snap pictures by using your rear camera without any other help. There is an additional option on the latest camera application that is easy to handle its features. It also has a night mode feature and quick mode option, which you can take more pictures on the screen of the iPhone. 

    Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max has a self-timer feature that is easy to take a photo while no one there to take your photos. You can set self-timer into the iPhone, then place them on any stand in some moment it will be clicked your photos. If your iPhone is not closer to the new feature iPhone, then you can download third-party applications too.

    Source :- https://www-officesetup.uk.net/how-to-capture-timed-photos-using-iphone-11-11-pro-camera-application/

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