How to Find Purveyor in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a famous RPG of Bethesda Game Studios, which was released way back in November 2018. The game remains in trending even though Fall Out 76 is almost two years old. The primary factor behind its long-term popularity is the updates that keep on making it new. Thus, following their pattern, Bethesda Game Studios has brought another update known as Wastelanders to entice gamers.

The update has added various unique aspects to the game alongside retained and altered various ones from the previous update. One of the significant changes is in the location of Purveyor. The Appalachia update brought Purveyor in the virtual world of Fall Out, and it remained placed at the station of Berkeley Springs. Now, the new update has altered the location of Purveyor, and gamers are facing a lot of difficulty in finding it. Below we have provided a specific workaround to find Purveyor with ease.

How to Find Purveyor

The new update of Wastelanders has not only altered the location of Purveyor but now she is selling Steel Craps of Vault. This part is beneficial in creating of Thorn armor, Heart Power armor, and Solar armor. However, five parts will cost the gamers 10 Legendary scrips. Thus, it is clear that players need to accumulate a lot of money in their sack. Gamers have to go straight to Rusty Pick that lies in the Ash Heap region as now Purveyor resides there.

The players need to use the map to detect the exact location of Purveyor, and on they reached the correct spot, then they need to purchase Vault Steel Scraps from her. The gamers should also require to obtain a lot of money before going to find her as without or less money; there is no point in locating her. The Wastelanders update has also brought several new demons alongside weapons for gamers to fight.

The previous currency of the game has also been changed and is now called Gold Bullion. So, all the players should start playing this game and begin their process of stockpiles. The update will surely lure numerous gamers towards the game. After the subsequent update, the game has been appeared as new. Everything has been altered or replaced, so all the players out there who have stopped playing Fall Out 76 dues to its outdated aspects should come back to witness its whole new avatar.


Bethesda Game Studios’ strategy to entice the gamers is quite striking as almost every part of their created world of Fall Out 76 has been changed. Even with its old name, the game appears to be entirely new with the inclusion of Wastelanders along with it. Several veteran gamers have already started playing Fall Out 76 Wastelanders and now are busy in exploring it. However, their adventurous journey will soon come to an end as the game is pretty short. So, it will be more striking what Bethesda Game Studios will do after that, so till then, let us wait for that moment to arrive.

The gamers who are keen to play Fall Out 76 Wastelanders should obtain their experience on Xbox One and PS4.

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