Fix: This App Has Been Blocked Due to the Company Policy Error in the Microsoft Store


Microsoft Store offers diverse functionality to users and has several additional pros as well. However, when downloading any app from Microsoft Store, an error message might display on your screen – The app has been blocked because of the Company policy. Such error message displays as the users get redirected from browser to Store for downloading the app. The interior bug of OS, domain restrictions, Store blocked by the administrator and several other factors might be the reason that leads to these Store error message. If you see a similar message, then follow the article to fix it. Keep on reading and follow the instructions.

App Has Been Blocked Due to the Company Policy

Here are some solutions to solve issue.

  • Reset the Microsoft Store
  • Check language and Region settings
  • Run the Store Troubleshooter
  • Try to use other user accounts
  • Remove the corporate email ID
  • Reset the Microsoft Store

    It is the initial that you may do while you are facing such an error message. Usually, it occurs because of the internal system document problems, and it may be resolved by setting again Store and remove cache. It is simple to reset Store in Windows 10 without using third party software as you may do that from the Settings panel.

    If you want to reset Microsoft store, then abide by the given steps:

    1. Launch Windows Settings.
    2. Navigate to Apps section.
    3. Locate the Microsoft Store.
    4. Tap on Advanced options.
    5. Then apply Terminate and Reset options.

    Check Language and Regional Settings

    It is the other cause why Store can show the error when downloading the app. In such a case, you need to check the settings to make sure.

    If you want to check Language and Regional settings, then you can follow the provided steps:

    1. Launch the Settings panel by clicking on the Win + I option simultaneously.
    2. Navigate to Time and Language option where you will get the Regional and Language option.
    3. Navigate to every tab as well as ensure that right region or language are customize for the Computer. If not, select the right setting depending on the country.

    Run Apps Troubleshooter

    Windows 10 has few built-in troubleshooters which allow you to fix usual issues like this. The troubleshooter is known as Store Apps as it may discover and troubleshoot the issue.

    Try With Other User Account

    It does not matter as to whether you are using a local user or Microsoft account to sign in to the Windows 10 Computer. If the account has few inner clashes, then it is possible to get the problem on the PC. So you need to create the fresh user account and then log in to the Computer using that account. Then such an error message will not be visible to you.

    Remove the Corporate Email Address

    If you are using the setup email ID such as Name@your domain.com rather @outlook.com or hotmail.com, you may remove the email address from the computer as this solution has resolved the problems of many users.

    Source :- https://globalmcafee.com/fix-this-app-has-been-blocked-due-to-the-company-policy-error-in-the-microsoft-store/

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